NetAdvantage, Inc. is a provider of leading-edge telecommunications network planning and optimization software tools. NetAdvantage's suite of software products help network service providers reduce their operating costs, increase revenues and exploit emerging technologies. NetAdvantage's software tools enable network service providers to better integrate traffic forecasting with network planning, implementation, and purchasing. NetAdvantage's software suite also allows networking equipment vendors to maximize the value of their products by optimizing planning, configuration, and deployment. NetAdvantage is a privately held company with offices in Chicago and Denver.

"...NetAdvantage software tools have saved service providers up to 25% when using it to design new metropolitan SONET buildouts." - Telephony Magazine

NetModeler Platform - Network Design Suite (With Developer's Tool Kit!)

MeshPlanner - Mesh Topology Planning Module

RingPlanner - Ring Topology Planning Module

HybridPlanner - Hybrid Ring/Mesh Planning Module

AccessPlanner - Backhaul Network Planning Tool

SwitchPlanner - Switch Capacity Planning Tool

DarkFiberPlanner - Dark Fiber Network Planning Tool (New Release 3.0!)

Broadband Configurator - PON Configuration Suite (New Release 1.0!)

News Releases

NetAdvantage Delivers Network Planning Tool Suite to Tellabs!

NetAdvantage Provides Strategic Consulting Services to Intelsat!

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